Mobile & Clinic Services

CCMDH offers our clients personalized care In our relaxing environment.  CCMDH has a clinic along the 1000 Island Parkway near Rockport.  It’s located on the river with great views of the St. Lawrence River. CCMDH provides a comfortable experience for the whole family in an office that is free of the unpleasant sounds, smells and appearance that may have kept you away in the past, and at a lower fee guide.

Visits to a Dental professional are often just not feasible due to a lack of time because of a busy work and family schedule. At Chris-tal Clean Mobile Dental Hygiene I can make oral health care easily accessible for YOU. My portable services provide professional Dental Hygiene services right in the comfort of your own residence, workplace, retirement home or long-term care facilities. All of our professional equipment is portable and brought to you saving you money and most importantly TIME!  I provide services to Brockville, Gananoque, Prescott, Ottawa, along the 1000 Islands Parkway and tha Leeds and Grenville area.

  • We bring our licensed Dental Hygienists with mobile equipment to you. What could be easier?
  • Appointments are made to fit your schedule.
  • Services include teeth cleaning and full denture care.
  • It’s surprisingly affordable, 30% less than a traditional dental office.


Initial Assessment:
All new patients undergo a complete examination including intra-oral, extra- oral exam and oral cancer screening, full periodontal charting (to determine gum health). CCMDH does this to determine the state of your oral health and to identify any areas of immediate or long-term concern. Medical histories are noted and records are established for future reference.

Now you can have that just-cleaned feeling.  Cleaning, or scaling, removes calculus (tarter) and plaque above and below the gum line to prevent periodontitis and it can even reverse gingivitis. The time required to complete the cleaning depends on condition of the gums and the amount of calculus (tarter) and staining.

This is done to remove staining due to coffee, tea, smoking, red wine,  and other dark drinking and eating habits.

Fluoride Treatment:
For those with a history of excessive decay, root decay or sensitivity, our fluoride treatment helps strengthen tooth enamel and helps prevent or minimize sensitivity.

Extreme sensitivity caused by recession or abrasion can be treated with the application of a desensitizing agent that blocks the exposed dentin or root surface, reducing pain and sensitivity.
Custom Sports Mouth Guards:
Much more comfortable than store-bought mouth guard, a custom-fitted mouth guard can help prevent injuries in all types of sports. Because it is created from your own unique dental mould, it will be lighter fit tighter to your teeth, less bulky and more effective.

Whitening Treatments (Take-Home):
Our take-home whitening treatment can be done in the comfort of your own home.  7-10 days of wearing your whiting trays (made for your teeth) you can have whiter teeth.

Whitening Treatment (In-Office):
Performed at CCMDH Clinic, our in-office whitening treatment requires just one session of about an hour. And you can have 5-8 shades whiter teeth.

Dentures care:
CCMDH offers you the opportunity to smile and eat with confidence by providing denture care services. CCMDH cares for your dentures by removal of calculus (hard deposits) and stains from your dentures and guidance on how to maintain them. 

Pit and fissure sealants are a great way to prevent decay from developing in the chewing surfaces of the teeth. Sealants provide a coating that seals up the grooves of the teeth, preventing bacteria from entering and starting the decay process. Sealants are a preventive tool for decay in children with newly erupted molars, although anytime is a good time to prevent decay. If the tooth does not yet have a cavity or filling then the grooves can be sealed.  

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